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Originally Posted by 1stnewcar
Looks a good spec - Is the 1Ghz processor enough for Media Center Video / TV? Mine runs at 2.4 Ghz and struggles sometimes!!

Why the private auction?

Edit - didn't read the ad fully :-
"PC is fast enough for any Office tasks and Media center task, including recording DVB-T signals while burning CDs, any playback, DVD, including HD video, XviD, DivX"

Still quite frankly amazed it can manage on that processor. I have another PC that has the same mobo (as yours) but the 600Mhz version and it can't cope!
Private auction because spammers allways hunting on those who bid (with "better offers" and so on.

I have another media center PC with 1.6 Pentium Celeron M (in living room) and it have nothing to do most of the time, recording from sat card takes less than 17%Cpu. It depends on CPU type i would say. In this PC, when you are playing some movie, than going to menu (movie minimizes smoothly,...) you go to prepare your music track or even recording from DVB-T card and watching the DivX makes no problems. I was surprised too. MCE is really good windows. That your 600 Mhz i would say is also different CPU type, I have also 800 Mhz Samuel II and it runs also quite smooth. Only some games doesnt work there because of missing SSE or so.