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Originally Posted by mattldm

Just noticed you last had an 03 540. (I currently have an 03 540 and I am thinking about an E90)) I wanted to ask if you notice any real difference in the space inside the car? does the 3 feel bigger or smaller or about the same as the E39 5. what about the backseat?

How about the acceleration (was your 540 auto or stick)
BMW lists the 0-60 times to be within .2 second for the 330i and the 03 540 so I was just wondering if you miss any of the V8 power like for passing on the freeway or accelerating onto the freeway?


Hey Matt,
My 540 was an auto with the sports package. I wanted to get back into a stick that's why I sold my 540. The E90 is just as spacious to me as the E39. It also feels as luxurious as the E39. Someone posted the interior dimensions of E39 & E90 and I want to say that it was VERY close in size. The sports seats on the E90 is much better, more comfortable. My friends that ride in the back say that it's the same as my 540, but they prefer the 330.

The only thing I miss is the torgue of the 540. Otherwise I have no regrets in switching. I'm saving a $$ on gas mileage alone. I get close to 25-28mpg, compared to 18-20mpg on the E39. The E90 has plenty accelaration and power on the highways. I'll easily go from 50 to 80 just to feel the torque. Except for the damn CDV, I love the drive and feel of the E90 over the E39.

Take an E90 on a long test drive. I guarantee you'll be like it. The new BMW technology is amazing.
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