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Originally Posted by ImolaZHP View Post
well I got one "obstructing traffic ticket" yesterday around Queensborough bridge.

Anyone has experienced with this? If it is a white "Parking ticket" coming from those NYPD traffic guys with a portable scanner, there's no points right?

This time it is my fault, so I plan to pay up as long as there's no ponts. Last year I got one which is not my fault. It was a yellow "traffic ticket" and it would be 2 pts. I have a ticket place dealing with it and it is still going on through the courts after a year

Thanks in advance.
unless it was a police officer, its a parking violation and no points.

traffic enforcement AGENTS cannot write moving violations.

as an added bonus, if you contest it online, with some excuse like, light was too short, they will probably immediately offer you a reduced fine, usuallly -20 to -40 off the original fine.
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