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Originally Posted by cdheaven
why dont you let us know what happened, what was damanged, what was replaced, what was fixed, how much it cost, how long it took... it my come in handy for future refrence.
Sorry...It was in another post.

Basically, the insurance company and Lauderdale BMW Collision Center negotiated a final price of a little over $1k. It was about $700-$1k less than my original walk-in estimate. The front right fender panel and side marker were replaced. The front passenger door had to be touched up a bit.

Btw, do you know if that detail place by your shop is open on the weekends? The body shop left buff holograms on the fender...I'm going to go back on Monday to have them polish it out, but if they are retarded and don't do a good job, I'm going to check out the place you recommended next Saturday.