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What is this forum for ??????? Question answered -- PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

Well, many of us like to know which dealer is better for sales, which is better for repairs, or to air our grievences from a bad experience so fellow E90 post enthusiasts will be aware for the future.

Welp, here is an organized place to do it !

Here are some general guidelines you should follow:

1) Keep the place organized, best way to do it, is to search to see if a thread about your dealer has already been posted. If so, then try to make your post inside that thread, so that all the information is in one place and we can all share thoughts and opinions with each other.

2) On the top right corner of the thread you will see a box for "Rate this thread". I think it would be a good idea to use that as a system for rating the dealership experience if you had an experience with them.

3) Please try to include the name of the dealership, the city and state (or country) in the title of the thread.
For example: Germantown BMW (Germantown, NY)

4) Have fun and just try to be informative so our new users can learn from your experiences, be it good or bad.

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