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my sound finally installed with problems!help

hi all,

so after spending a acouple of hours installing my ampilfier i have loud sound and decent mid bass and acceptable sub bass , unfortunately my low pass is 75hz ( not adjustable ) so i have to run full range to the subs or i lose a lot of frequencies.

i tapped the rear speaker lines and totally pathetic bass, so i decided to tap the inputs at the front harness where the sub and front door connections are, and boom everthing came alive , MUCH BETTER TO TAP THE HARNESS AT THE FRONT DOORS FOR INPUTS in my car anyway ( profesional radio with standard sound )

these are connected to and loc in boot which is grounded. the amp is connected to the battery with the negative to the chassis where the battery is held down (not on the battery negative )

my problem is noise on the speakers when no sound is playing kinda electrical ?

any ideas on how to fix this or what this is?

infinity ref coaxials in doors and shelf
standard subs under seats
sounstream granite 120.4 amp (bridged and in paralell on subs as suggested by mike)
audiopipe loc