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Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
Just a quick one guys.

Have seen a couple of M Sport's down the dealers with 18" alloys & have noticed that on the inner rim / hub area, there is heavy rust.

Has anyone else had this occur on thier 18" M sport wheels or does it show just with the car being stationary at the dealers maybe.

Hopefully, you guys will have not had this problem in which case I would say it maybe does show just on cars which haven't moved for a while.

Its just that it did look rather unsightly and seamed to be isolated more to the front rims and was noticeable on at least 2 cars I saw.
I've noticed that the brake calipers, brake discs and the rear brake drum (for the handbrake) tend to rust on BMW's.

I don't think this is anything to do with the wheels, just that with some types it's more visible.

A bit of spirited driving should scrub it off the front and reat discs, but the drum at the rear is a bit more difficult. Ony way would be to periodically take of the back wheels and wire brush it off.

It's cosmetic and apparently it may be affected by the chemicals used when you wash your car.

Some people paint their calipers etc.. to prevent this. I say life is short enough already.