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Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
hmm ... will have to keep an eye on those then.

But i totally agree that with the insides being so noticeable on the 18" m sport wheel, the last thing you wanna see is unsightly rust that totally detracts from the asthetics of the car.

Its the kind of thing that would drive me mad, as I always like my cars to look their best and religously clean once a week, with particluar care always taken with the alloys.

One of the things I did like about the 18" m sport alloys was that they looked easy to clean the inside of the rims, from a practical / cleaning point of view.

They are also a stunning alloy design, which is also why i do not want rust showing through them.

Should be easy to clean - you just need a wheel brush (I got one from tesco for a pound or so).

If it really bothers you painting the callipers drums (and apparently even this discs) is an answer as is being VERY careful about the chemicals you use when you wash your car.

My e60 has very open style 19inch rims and I have very little rust showing through.

(I have also stopped washing it .... cause I am looking forward to the next one)