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Originally Posted by needforspeed
Should be easy to clean - you just need a wheel brush (I got one from tesco for a pound or so).

If it really bothers you painting the callipers drums (and apparently even this discs) is an answer as is being VERY careful about the chemicals you use when you wash your car.

My e60 has very open style 19inch rims and I have very little rust showing through.

(I have also stopped washing it .... cause I am looking forward to the next one)

Yeah will invest in a wire brush for the new mott

I only use autoglym shampoo in the wheels, as I do the car, so that aint harsh and should be ok.

If you keep ontop of the wheels and don't allow the muck to build up, they are usually ok.

Just clean them and rinse ... plus the occasion bit of autoglym alloy wheel seal is good.

Sounds like a manufacture problem though, if this rust is a "potential" problem for every car.

As my car now ... yeah it aint getting the weekly wash it used to ... also lost interest in it

Its every 2 weeks now and sometimes just plain water .. and yesterday the no drying as the rain kept wetting it