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Originally Posted by vivekk
One of the UK members (paddywac) was unfortunate enough to have a whole load of his CDs stolen from the boot of his car, as well as other items.

The fact that he probably left the car unlocked overnight, is neither here nor there!

If you feel you are in a position to contribute any mp3s to help this poor, unfortunate individual rebuild his in-car music library, then please post in this thread.

Please give generously & help put a smile back onto the face of this unfortunate victim.

Right then Pads- what albums are you missing?

Phew quite a few there Viv, this is quite nice of you by the way cheers mate!

ok lets start with the 60's

Quite a few beatles revolver, sgt peppers, doors (greatest hits) kinks (greatest hits) stones (greatest hits), recent addition Johnny cash (greatest hits), Roy Orbison (greatest hits)


early U2 albums,


all 80's U2 albums, smiths, Joy Division, New order, police (greatest hits), some wacko , simple minds, depeche mode, Duran Duran (greatest hits), A Ha, madonna, crist I can't remember, dire straights, pink floyd, beastie boys, run dmc, NWA, FYC (the raw & the cooked) etc


inspiral carpets, happy mondays, stone roses, electronic, U2 & maddonna, beloved (happiness, blissed out, and the other one) LL, NWA, ICE T, Snoop, Sting, Blur, Oasis, pogues, Red Hot Chilli P's, Tom petty (learning to fly album) the dubliners, Clannad,Apex Twin, crowded house, REM

Ian Brown, Snow patrol, Dre, 50 Cent, radiohead, moby, massive attack, cold play, orbital, james brown, loads others but I cannot remember them all

pretty varied and mixed collection not to everyones taste of course, if anybody can help me recover my collection I will be eternally grateful.