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Originally Posted by paddywac
Phew quite a few there Viv, this is quite nice of you by the way cheers mate!

ok lets start with the 60's

Quite a few beatles revolver, sgt peppers, doors (greatest hits) kinks (greatest hits) stones (greatest hits), recent addition Johnny cash (greatest hits), Roy Orbison (greatest hits)


early U2 albums,


all 80's U2 albums, smiths, Joy Division, New order, police (greatest hits), some wacko , simple minds, depeche mode, Duran Duran (greatest hits), A Ha, madonna, crist I can't remember, dire straights, pink floyd, beastie boys, run dmc, NWA, FYC (the raw & the cooked) etc


inspiral carpets, happy mondays, stone roses, electronic, U2 & maddonna, beloved (happiness, blissed out, and the other one) LL, NWA, ICE T, Snoop, Sting, Blur, Oasis, pogues, Red Hot Chilli P's, Tom petty (learning to fly album) the dubliners, Clannad,Apex Twin, crowded house, REM

Ian Brown, Snow patrol, Dre, 50 Cent, radiohead, moby, massive attack, cold play, orbital, james brown, loads others but I cannot remember them all

pretty varied and mixed collection not to everyones taste of course, if anybody can help me recover my collection I will be eternally grateful.
You must understand that I have no personal knowledge of downloading music from the internet.

However, I believe that (if you were so inclined) you could register for a free account here:

and probably find all of the albums you are missing posted on the internet.

If you sign up for a rapidshare account here:

Then you will (so I hear) be able to download any rapidshare files at VERY HIGH SPEED (I have heard rumours that people with 14 megabit internet connections can download from rapidshare at 1.4 meg a second - that would be a typical album in about 2 minutes).

If you still had gaps in your collection an easy way to fill them would be to look here:

'Apparently' you can download entire albums for a little over a dollar having bought credit for this site safely via the paypal system.

All of this would not be 'strictly' legal and so would be between you and your god

Any rumours that I may have just pm'd paddywac with download links for the entire new order discography are of course quite unfounded