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Originally Posted by tl_boy
Yeah, I do, but in England, I was thinking in the U.S. context where it is not offensive i think, because it is not used, it is a British term. I wasn't saying the Indians look down on Pakistanis, the British lady I work with is white, the implication from her is that white british society differentiates amongst British's asian society, and looks down upon Pakistanis. As far as dress, I think Muslims are more conservative. I agree with a lot of what you write btw.
Muslims are definitely more conservative in their dress and this has become more of an issue in recent years. My wife and I were talking about our school days and she had a few muslim girls in her junior school class, none of whom wore the hijab. Now almost all muslim women wear the hijab and a great many also wear traditional clothing as well. What does trouble me is that some women in the UK are actually wearing burkas, which may be their choice, but to me - with my western perspective- I can't imagine why they would do so if they had the freedom to choose.

I miss understood you, but I do think it's true that there is as much racism within ethnic minorities as within society as a whole.

The problem is that if muslims do not integrate they alienate white people who in turn start to 'look down on them'. I think many other minority groups avoid this by embracing the wider British society.