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Originally Posted by LagMode335i View Post
Just spoke with the clowns at BMW NA; no ideas of when the fix will be in for the turbo lag. Here's the lemon; no idea when it will be fixed either. They still must be doing more testing for the Z-4, so all 335i losers out there (like me).... you'll get the car you paid for when they feel like it. I have to stress to all the people who have not bought this car or thinking about buying it......DON'T. It's not just because it's a 50K car that can't stay out of the shop; it's because of the low class individuals which run the company. BMW has absolutely been the worst vendor I have ever dealt my opinion, criminals are more useful than this company, at least they do something productive like making a license plate...and they do it "on schedule"...LOL. Here we are a year down the be continued
huh? Why call BMW NA? Just go to your dealer and get the fix.

It honestly hurts my head why you would say there are no fixes as of January 09, when A) it's in Roundel B) We said there was a fix coming a while ago, due in January, and C) there are literally over 100 posts pertaining to people getting the fix and the results.