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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Book value (average condition trade in) for my 330i is currently 12k (56 plate / 45k miles).

For a 55 plate / 65k car it's 10k.

So in theory I'm looking at only 2k depreciation over the next 12 months. If the values recover, maybe even less.

Can't bring myself to sell based on those numbers, although I would love a 335i.
In March 08 when i bought my 330i after 2 years pcp (book was 1.8k above the GMFV), it was looking like losing 4-5k in its 3rd year, but the last 10 months have knocked it from 20k to 11k, it seem to be settling at -400pm at by November, but strangely glass's shows -850pm for 55 cars. These monthly drop figures are for November 08.

I'll get January Glass's guide off the father-in-law in February. See what horrors are lurking for 2009!

How you can buy such a beautiful car as the 330i, 3 yrs old for 10 grand is beyond me. In 1997 i paid 14 grand for a 4 year old Sapphire Cosworth 4x4. Which wasn't half the car the 330i is.
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