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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
In March 08 when i bought my 330i after 2 years pcp (book was 1.8k above the GMFV), it was looking like losing 4-5k in its 3rd year, but the last 10 months have knocked it from 20k to 11k, it seem to be settling at -400pm at by November, but strangely glass's shows -850pm for 55 cars. These monthly drop figures are for November 08.

I'll get January Glass's guide off the father-in-law in February. See what horrors are lurking for 2009!
I had trade in offers circa 17k for my car when it was 18 months old - ie in March 08.

The 850 a month drop in Nov 08 makes sense though, that's when everything went into freefall.

You are right that anyone buying one for 10k now is getting a LOT of car.