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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
No I wouldn't have got 20k for it, but it would have cost more than 21k to buy off a forecourt, which was my position coming to the end of the PCP, so I bought it for 19250. ouch.

So 10k a year drop for that it the same as i'll be facing with the 335i payments wise. If things pick up and the 335i is worth more than the GMFV I'll buy it at that price.

It just means overpaying in the mean time (hopefully) as you can't control the GMFV offered.
When I bought my car in 06 the dealers and online guys were doing 10% discounts. When you added that discount in most used cars under 1 year old were just as expensive as brand new.

I actually tried to buy an 06 car from a dealer in Stoke. Who would give no movement on price at all. In the end my new car was 1k cheaper. I think the dealers were artifically inflating the used values, plus the e90 was still newish then and there were less about.

Then in 07, the broker discounts went crazy, lots of cars were sold at low prices which dented the residuals. Plus the 335i had a negative impact on the desireability of the 330i.

Then as we know, it went arse up again at the end of 08.

It's just amazing how the world can change. I thought 10k (or thereabouts) for a 4 year old BMW 330i was a pretty 'safe' figure. Didn't imagine it would hit 10k within 3 years.