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Originally Posted by ezatnova View Post
huh? Why call BMW NA? Just go to your dealer and get the fix.

It honestly hurts my head why you would say there are no fixes as of January 09, when A) it's in Roundel B) We said there was a fix coming a while ago, due in January, and C) there are literally over 100 posts pertaining to people getting the fix and the results.

Hey Shipmate, Don't you think I've already been to the dealer; been going there for months now. You must be a BMW employee; I understand...I would be worried about my job too. Too all the people who want to understand better. I had to a retro upgrade because I had the newer software because my car was a late build; I is not the fix for that version of software. Several people were having the same issue at our local BMW dealer. The car had no real lag, but the software caused the transmission to jump harshly when taking for foot off the brake or coming to a stop. That version of software had to be downgraded to disable the NIC. This is why so many people are complaining about their transmissions. That newer software also caused the miles on the odometer of one lady to increase at a faster rate than normal....that really sucked but she was downgraded too. I immediately told the dealer of the extremely slow acceleration of the software upgraded. The SA acknowledged and said BMW was coming out with new software to take of everything in January. So you see now why it's taking so long; the new upgrade is not out, so go back to your employer and tell them to fix it. You either have to deal with a funny transmission jerk or a slow car....personally that odometer thing absolutely scared me too. So how taking some B-12 and WAKING UP yourself.