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Originally Posted by Josh49
Okay newer, smarter idea, the above post woke me up -

Took .020" shim stock, cut two pieces about the size of playing cards. Rounded all edges, rounded and removed corners. Had to make a little bit more narrow, then regrinded it.

Put the two shims between the aluminum and leather no problem. That way anything stiff I put between the two shims to pry would only push against/scratch the shims, not the leather and aluminum. Pried a little, twisted a little, to my surprise the aluminum piece came off nicely now. Much, much nicer. Did not need anything between the shims, the shims alone did the job. Pulled out the bottom piece, replaced the switch, no problems at all. Put everything back in solidly, smiled at a job well done. Before I put back the aluminum trim piece I turned on the car and tested it out. It is bright and sunny out and hard to tell, but it is obvious they are working when you create a shadow over it. Put the aluminum trim piece back on, pushed it in solidly, sat back and smiled again. Tested the car one more time, noticed how the icon comes up on the screen which is sweet, and was done. 100% perfect job, no dings, burs, marrs in leather, etc. Total working time with the right tools, just under 10 minutes. Incredibly happy, I've wanted rear fog lights on this car before I ordered it..

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in doing this...

A big thumbs up to Brian Lay for this mod..

PS. Forgot to mention I put a slight radius in the two shims to match the contour of that piece..