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Originally Posted by ES-Jet
When I had my jet black E46, I used to see exactly the same model coming the other way every day. Many times I thought about giving the driver a wave, but he would probably think I was a bit of a berk. So many BMW drivers aren't interested in the car per se, just the badge.

Obviously that doesn't apply to anyone on here (as this is an enthusiast's site!)

BTW - Viv - sorry if I appear thick but what is a "TiAg" E90?


You are quite right.

It is very refreshing to know there are fellow BMW ethusiasts out there who truly appreciate the car.

There is a lot of stigma out there regarding "some" BMW drivers and I am already getting stick, before I've even got the car ...

I need to learn to cut people up
Get really close behind other cars bumpers
NOT to wave people out of junctions etc ahead of me
Speed down the fast last on motorways

ha ha ha

I just laugh it off