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Alignment issues

I drive a 330i (non sport pack). After switching out my winter tires this spring, I noticed slow build up of tire noise on hwy driving. The car didnt pull to one side but did jerk suddenly if I hit a bump at hwy speeds. At first I attributed the noisy tires to the diff between my softer winter tires and the lower profile runflats. As the noise became obviously louder, I decide to take the car in to my tire shop for a balancing. They told me my tires were badly feathered (threads step up and down like a staircase), and that this was probably a mechanical issue.
I brought the car to my dealer and was told I needed an alignmnet, and that there was nothing mechanically wrong. My tires were feathered because I failed to align my wheels as should be done twice a year. And that I now need to replace my tires, $1600 CDN. (ouch)

The car is only 15 months old! Ive never had this prob with other tires, or cars.

Has anyone had similar experience?
Any clarification, advice, or educated opinions welcome.