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Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
You are quite right.

It is very refreshing to know there are fellow BMW ethusiasts out there who truly appreciate the car.

There is a lot of stigma out there regarding "some" BMW drivers and I am already getting stick, before I've even got the car ...

I need to learn to cut people up
Get really close behind other cars bumpers
NOT to wave people out of junctions etc ahead of me
Speed down the fast last on motorways

ha ha ha

I just laugh it off
That's the best way I guess. In my 14 months of my old E46 to be honest I didn't notice I was being treated any different to any other driver on the road. However, odd thing is, when I had a Saab for 4 months, people almost fell over themselves to let me out at junctions, and even my 50 yr female neighbour commented on it.

The typical BMW driver myth is just that - a myth. I feel that quite often they are now driven by proper enthusiasts who like well engineered, well performing, well handling cars. Sure the brand name has kudos too, but if you're into brand only, you'll probably end up in an Audi, Merc or maybe even a Saab(?).

The aspirational types who gave the brand a bad name, now drive Audi TT's!!