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Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
Yep agree Optimax is the way forward.

I remember there being an episode of Fifth Gear some time ago and an article in Evo mag where they proved that there "were" performance enhancements (especially for cars geared to run on 98 ron) from using Optimax.

The figure was not quite so good for the 97 ron grades.

So after that, I knew that Optimax was not a marketing ploy and it really does enable you to extract the max performance from your car .. and it improves fuel economy too
There was also something on this in EVO mag recently.

Apparently there are reciprical delivery arrangements with the various companies (esso / shell etc) and you may actually be filling up with esso petrol at a shell service station and vice versa.

Also - with the sole exception of 'shell optimax' which is separately distrubuted and imported, all other fuels are identical when the leave the refinary (same tanks), the fuel companies just add their own additive mixtures to the raw fuel before delivery.