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Originally Posted by FlyingFinn
Is there some less abrasive polish or cleaner than ZPC which could be used with PC before wax or sealant? If the paint is swirl free wouldn't it be better to use some non abrasive stuff? Or is it just waste of time to use any polish and PC in this case?

Meguiars for excample has lots of different polishes and cleaners but which ones would be suitable to use with my brand new PC?
If you want something milder than ZPC, then get Klasse AIO. It is mostly a chemical cleaner with very mild abrasives (very mild). Just keep in mind, if using AIO before Zaino, then wipe your car down with a 50/50 mix of Isopropyl alcohol and water. It will remove the protection left behind by the AIO and allow the Zaino to bond properly.