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Originally Posted by Snake Pliskin
hmm .. that sounds like a good idea castle king.

But it does sound like this rusting issue really is a common problem .. and it DOES look unsightly.

Why on earth are BMW allowing this to happen.

If i experience this problem, I will be asking the dealer to resolve the problem 1st.

Failing that, I may have to try the wire-brush or hammerite treatment ... but why should we have to do this to our brand new cars if its an established fault ... why aren't BMW painting the affected areas ?

Yo NFS, we'll have to monitor our wheels for this issue, when we get our motts next month ... you'll have a week's head start on me so keep us posted
It is something I've noticed, but my e60 isn't too bad, I think because I don't wash it that often and don't use any chemicals on the wheels.

I just was them with ordinary car shampoo and use a little wheel brush (a brush with stiff plastic bristles shaped like a bottle brush), I also drive with a degree of enthusiasm and so the calipers and discs are pretty rust free.

The only place there is any rust is on the outside of the rear handbrake drum - but you really have to look for it.