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Originally Posted by MPower View Post

Sorry, I don't really mean to be rude but totally disagree with your analysis. If you think that the Democrat's obsession with government spending is them "leaning more right", then you might want to consult the conservative rule book. :wink:
I'm only comparing them to the old school conservatives. Compare government spending durning the Bush administration to the Clinton, or his father. These "neo-cons" are more neo, and less con. That's my point.

I have no doubt McCain or Ron Paul would be on the right track in that regard, but if someone like Romney gets the nod, I wouldn't look for too much "small government" type stuff.

Beyond that, look at policies. If W is a ruler by which to measure the neo-cons, then I don't think you can categorize anything they're for as "conservative". Our foreign policy has been absolutely radical. We invaded a sovereign nation without cause, and are now engaging in what will indubitably turn out to be one of the most protracted nation building efforts in our history. This administration's civil policies have been often scandelous in their crooked and radical nature. The number of civil liberties that have been compromised by this administration also puts them much more in the "far left", IMO.

I should say that I consider myself more of a libretarian, or construstionist than anything else, and I find the Republican parties recent movements away from conservatism to be a bit disturbing. That's where a lot of my opinions come from, and I certainly don't mean to ofend anyone. I just think a lot of Americans are getting hoodwinked into thinking that the Republican party of today, is the same as the Republican party of Abe Licoln, or TR. The "neo-con" movement has, in my opinion, butchered the meaning of conservatism, with their policies of big spending, radical social changes, and highly aggressive unjustified foreign actions.

It makes me worry for the future. You know have the possibility of someone like Huckaby, who wasn't even aware that the latest Nat'l Intelligence Estimate stated that Iran's nuclear program was non-existant, discontinued several years ago becoming the next president.

I like McCain and Ron Paul, but the rest of these guys are just way too RINO for me. You just have to watch the debates to get the feeling of it. Questions about the literal interpretation of the Bible? Constitutional Amendments to TAKE AWAY people's right (gay marriage/civil union)... This is NOT my Daddys Republican party.

That's the point I'm try to make, I appologize for typos/gramatical errors/etc, I'm home with the flu right now, and a bit cloudy headed.

PS: I know we're supposed to keep these kind of overly-opinionated posts to a minimum in this thread, so I'm sorry if I stirred up a bee-hive my long winded diatribes against modern conservatism :-p
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