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They hated the sabb," it is built in Trollhattan sweden, by real trolls"(just thought that that was funny) it had pleanty of thrust once the turbo got spinning, "humpy-lumpy"power delivery, brakes sucked "equivelent to a garbage truck" sloppy shifter, pplenty of body roll and and structure flex.

The S-60 "R is for risky" "risky for being 47K" has an on off swich for a throttle, lifeless stering,priced for a pentagon spreed sheet. Beautyfull leather interior.

Caddy CTS- great improvment in handling, boring exaust note, basicly a generation behind its compitation.

Audi A4- they continusly kept bitching about no manual serene expressway cruser, too much body roll, same Audi interior, pretty much the same as the old one, Audi used to be one of the class

TL- high reving v6, great back seat, jittery ride, steering gets squirmy when you floor it, used to be an accord in a suit .

G35- makes fast car noises, attacks corners, aging gracefully downn the rankings.

IS350, 300 ponies , again no stick , no way to unplug stability controll , back seat, most enntertaning lexus yet, beautyful interior.

330i- did not have a chance to complain about i-drive ( didn't have it in the teat car) Its a BMW (what badge whores), cold interiod design,??????, fizzing electronics (all sorts of lights started coming up wile they were testing.)abs, airbag malfunction, and a few others. Great handling. They just overall loved the car.