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Hey Kimo,

Hope this is not too late. We were either on the road or with people the whole week and just got back last night.

The whole experience was very very good. The hotel and the food was good, and the experience on the skid pad was fantastic. The amount of time you get to spend on the skid pad itself depends on the # of people who are there to pick up a car and the # of people who want to drive - both the new owner and their partner get to drive. In our case we had 5 owners and a total of 8 who wanted to drive which reduced the amount of time each person got to spend but it was still amazing. I realized that Monday (and probably Friday)is probably their busiest day, a thing to keep in mind if and when I return.

You get a car similar to what you've ordered, (so in your case you'll get a 330) and it's brand new and then they tell you to drive as hard as you can!! My heart started punding the moment the first drive did a huge 360 and I went on to do a couple of those myself.

I wish I had more track time and I didnt particularly like our instructor, Jim, but it was a blast and it was free!

Next I took delivery of my car (the sequence depends on how they split it up amongst all the new owners) in which my Delivery Specialist Jonathan Stribble did a great job of making sure that I knew everything about my car. We then went to the factory and museum. We didnt stay for the factory tour because of time constraints though we would have loved to.

We didnt get a chance to try out any of the lovely driving routes (Blue Ridge Parkway) that people on this forum suggested but the March issue of BMW Magazine that I picked up at the PC and read just yesterday suggested taking I85 to I 126 towards Asheville NC and then taking the first exit in NC to Tryon and then a right on Hwy 176 towards Saluda. You can find more suggestions on a bmw website.

Have fun and let us know how it went!
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