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Originally Posted by tl_boy
Sounds like a model immigrant story. No big deal that he applied for citenzship just last week. A lot of people who are contributing members to society, pay taxes, and are law abiding are not citizens.
I agree - he sounds like one of the good guys. He certainly seems to have embraced the american dream and seems to loves 'his' country.

He's clearly been in the USA legally since the early 1990's (when he was about 20 I would guess).

Since then he seems to have worked hard and paid his taxes - so I would imagine he has more than repayed anything he 'took out' during the 4 years (16-20) that he was in the country illegally.

The authorities chose to let him stay in 1990 - so in effect he was officially 'pardoned' for his crime of entering the country illegally.

Surely that's the end of it and he is on his way to being a citizen now ... good luck to him I say.