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Originally Posted by needforspeed
I agree - he sounds like one of the good guys. He certainly seems to have embraced the american dream and seems to loves 'his' country.

He's clearly been in the USA legally since the early 1990's (when he was about 20 I would guess).

Since then he seems to have worked hard and paid his taxes - so I would imagine he has more than repayed anything he 'took out' during the 4 years (16-20) that he was in the country illegally.

The authorities chose to let him stay in 1990 - so in effect he was officially 'pardoned' for his crime of entering the country illegally.

Surely that's the end of it and he is on his way to being a citizen now ... good luck to him I say.

Yeah he's one of the "good guys" alright.

He admitted he came into our country illegally and used our schools, and no doubt other services for free.

He spurs ativism of illegal aliens to protest in a country where they do not belong and live illegally.

He encourages others to bring their families here illegally and uninvited.

He aids and abets other "Latino immigrants" on how do negotiate their illegal life here in the United States.

He counsels callers and offers help with [illegal] immigration problems. Encouraging them to continue breaking laws in their newly adopted country.

He visits ailing [illegal immigrant] children [getting free health care] in [U.S.] hospitals. Which is really nice. But what he should be doing is explaing to them that they are in this country illegally and therefore making the American tax payers pay for their care. He should explain to them further it is their parents' responsibility to pay for their healthcare.

He learned that jaywalking is the same as murder in his adopted country. [moron]

He schools mexicans how, in detail, to enter the United States illegally.

He is still not an American citizen and he's lived here over 20 years.

Yep, he's one of the good guys!