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Hi - sorry about that - you are right there is no space in the E90 for a spare (even a compact spare) - I was in a dream world thinking of my previous E60 and wondering why I changed to an E90!!

Called BMW CC again today and they say they are in discussion with Bridgestone and even BMW can not get a date as to when tyres (18" RFT) will be available. They suggested Michelin which I told them were also not available. Told them I now had to take my car off the road as it is now illegal to drive. I await another call back from them regarding this.
Interestingly when I went to a meeting earlier today there was a brand new 330d sport in the car park and it was running on Michelin tyres...wonder why? Either BMW can not get the Bridgestone's to the factory or the Michelin are a better tyre (or just cheaper for them to buy).
Am totally pissed off - given all the issues I had with my E60 and now this! It is stuff like this with BMW that makes me I should have saved a chunk of money and got somthing else.
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