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Originally Posted by tl_boy
I agree, but in this case, this guy has made the best of his situation. There's got to be some respect for that.

I don't think people who have never visited a developing country will ever be able to fully emphatize with individuals who come from nothing and become successful. It is tremendously difficult to break the cycle of poverty in a family, and usually only 1 or 2 dynamic individuals in a family can achieve this [otherwise the cycle will repeat itself]. This speaks volumes of that individuals ability. I have been to places of poverty that most on here wouldn't believe existed, and its commendable if someone is able to come from that to becoming successful in a country as competitive as ours.
I'm sorry, but it easy for me to resent someone who not only brags about sneaking into our country illegally, stealing resources meant for others, and then openly supports others to do the same.

If this guy is so resourceful, why doesn't he go back to his own conetree, which I'm sure he and use that resourcefulness to make changes there. God knows they need more people like him.

I contend he has not had to work as hard as it may seem to get where he is. The Illegal Immigrant community supports their own like no others. Wouldn't you agree if you had the support of a private community it would be easier to get a job in radio? Especially when the whole purpose is to further support Illegal Immigrants like your constituents?

This young man stole from United States tax paying citizens in order to get where he is.

And you want to pat him on the back for that?