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I disagree the way the man came here. But I don't think that it was anything less than very difficult to get to where he is. Your writing says he washed cars, was a janitor, collected plastic bottles, etc. Someone who is obviously an intelligent person could have turned to the easy route of crime instead of busting his back day and night doing crappy jobs. He has obviously made the right decisions in his life. He didn't need to graduate from High School, something that obviously takes a lot of effort and dedication. Your writing also states that he urges his people to respect the rules of their adopted country...

Other than the fact that he came here illegally (which a lot of people may do to due to extreme reasons such as to escape persecution, hunger, etc.), and that he supposedly helps others to come here illegally, I can't resent the man. I'm much more concerned with the undocumented illegals that may be violent towards U.S. citizens or those that truly sleaze off our welfare system and don't pay taxes (which I'm sure now he does).

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I'm sorry, but it easy for me to resent someone who not only brags about sneaking into our country illegally, stealing resources meant for others, and then openly supports others to do the same.

If this guy is so resourceful, why doesn't he go back to his own conetree, which I'm sure he and use that resourcefulness to make changes there. God knows they need more people like him.

I contend he has not had to work as hard as it may seem to get where he is. The Illegal Immigrant community supports their own like no others. Wouldn't you agree if you had the support of a private community it would be easier to get a job in radio? Especially when the whole purpose is to further support Illegal Immigrants like your constituents?

This young man stole from United States tax paying citizens in order to get where he is.

And you want to pat him on the back for that?

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