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Originally Posted by CMD
You are correct, you never specifically stated, "CMD, your Quiz is inaccurate." You kept posting, "What's your point? What's your point? What's your point?" My point was clear, that every single GD act of terrorism in every GD question it the GD quiz was carried out by male Muslim extremists between the GD age of 17 and DG 40, which you implied over and over and over again was not correct. In fact I was correct. You were using the left-wing bleeding-heart circular argument tactic to try to move me off point. WTF does the Okalahoma bombing, the "F" ing IRA and that other obscure Buddhist dickweed you mentioned have to do with any of the GD terrorism we are discussing here??!! Holy freaking sh*t, man! Try to stay on point! GD, don't you ever get tired of going in freaking circles??
Once again ...

1. You resort to ranting and insulting.
2. You are responding to me about statements made by other people.
3. You are accusing me of side stepping and circular arguments based on a complete misunderstanding of my posts.

Do you think that ranting at me incoherently will somehow make your point.

I did not imply EVEN ONCE that your quiz was incorrect.

I asked ONCE why you posted it and you still haven't said. The quiz made the point that the terrorist acts listed were all carried out by Muslims. In the context of recent anti islamic posts on this forum I wanted to understand why you felt the need to make that point.

I am not familiar with the 'left wing bleeding heart circular argument' - I'd suggest that if you calmed down and read posts properly before replying it would help. Your replies are exceedingly complex and involve lots of quotes.

Frankly I think this is why you end up confused. The fact that you don't understand something doesn't make it wrong.

I didn't mention a 'buddhist dickweed' in any post. What the hell are you on about?

What I have established over the course of this exchange is that you believe terrorism to be endemic amongst muslims and that you suspect all muslims of terrorism. This is the only thing I have disagreed with you about ... and I really do disagree.

To be frank that answers my original question as I now understand an awful lot more about you, including your reasons for posting your quiz.

So that's the mexicans (104,000,000 people) and the Muslims (1,400,000,000 people) that you have have difficulty with so far ...

Oh and obviously anyone less right wing than you which is probably the remaining half of the worlds population ......

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