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Originally Posted by CMD
I'm shocked. needforspeed now, "largely" agrees with [us] you. WTF?

Unfortunately the killing of innocents is a by-product of war. It is a sad fact. But we did not start this war.
I 'largely agreed' with the pawarrents post - not you.

Unlike you - he did not suggest that all muslims supported terrorism and / or were terrorists.

This is a really easy concept - I disagree with one thing you have repeatedly said in this thread - that's it.

It's not a 'complex circular argument' - it's a single point which a small child would understand, but which you apparently don't.

Your position on this IS the reason why you posted your quiz - I see that that very clearly now.

You actually believe that my trust of Muslims generally (the 2nd largest religion on this planet) demonstrates a 'lack of grip on reality'.

Your ignorance and lack of rational thought is simply staggering. I am amazed that anyone can denounce an entire religion (1.4 billion people) as terrorists and terrorist sympathisers. This isn't political correctness it's simple logic and common sense.

If there really were 1.4 billlion muslim terrorists out there you would be absolutely fucked.