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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Actually page 2 of the Dem's playbook says to always accuse your opposition of being biggets or racists. And b.t.w. a, b, and d apply to you as well. For d you can substitute lefty to "close minded" conservative. I will not resort to using point c, since that is so low I leave that to your side. You are so arrogant that you cannot accept we have different points of view, and both could be correct or both be wrong.
Pawarrant - I agreed with whippersnappers post in respect of CMD's statements. I don't think it was directed at yours.

In particular the problem is that CMD apparently considers all muslims to be either terrorists or terrorist sympathisers. He also says that anyone who does not agree with this is 'in denial'. Strictly speaking this is not racism - it's religious hatred and it's illegal in the UK.

Your posts were quite a lot more balanced and did not make this point, instead you talked about the muslim leaders allowing views like CMD's to flourish by not denouncing the terrorists strongly enough.

Despite the fact that we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum I agree with many of your comments in this thread including that one.

I also accept that, as with all matters political, there are only personal views and no right or wrong answers.

Just wanted to be clear