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Stay away from Mikeloff Brothers Body Shop

I had originally endorsed these guys, but after what these guys have done to scam me, my insurance and my car is simply pathetic. It's a long story on why I am so disgusted with them, but it comes down to this. Honest and integerity. Both of which they have NONE.

They've got some scam working together with Pacific BMW Service in Glendale CA. Mikeloff Fuckers were basically trying to remove any responsibility of damage the vehicle sustained when it was in their posession and put it on an exisiting claim. From this point on, this is were the bullshit just went on and on and the scam conitnues until I end up having to be responsible for 2 claims and paying $1000 in deductibles.

Stay away from Pacific BMW Service, also in Glendale, CA. They were in complete cahoots since the moment they realized that they now had to fix the mess that Mikeloff had done, Again, I ask you, how can a scrape to my left bumper lead to over $3000 in damages to the rack and pinion? The vehicle is 3 months old with 7k miles.

That's like taking a kid into the hospital for a scrape to the arm and being told by the doctors, "We're sorry. The scrape has escalated into a complete cerebral hemorrage. We'll need to perform an appendectomy."

There are probably some good people at both shops and your service with them may have been fine. I'm not going to name names, but the people that were all involved in this have names that sound like Chris, Greg and Peter.

Nuf said. Collosion victim be forewarned.