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Pacific BMW Service claimed that there was damage to rack and pinion, etc, which happened when it was under the body shop's posession (meaning the body shop fucked up the vehicle when it was there the first time). So....when the body shop returned it to Pacific, that's when the body shop guy ("I know the guys at Pacific, he says, we're all really good friends. But I have to admit, they're also salesguys" whatever TF that means...) and the SA decided to scam a little more money out of my insurance.

See, I was told by the body shop guy not to worry about it. It was ALL going to be covered under the first agreed claim. But the very last minute, after agreeing to pay for some of the damage, the bodyshop turns and says nope! We ain't paying shit. So another claim is opened and when I return to pick up the car, the guy who agreed to conveniently away.

I just wanted my car back. It's been close to a month since I scraped my left side bumper and broke the left taillight. I was tired of the bullshit. I paid the second deductible. I had had enough, Long.