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After all the hassel etc I finally ordered the particule filter rear exhaust yesterday.

The cost of the Sport exhaust + extras I needed to fit it was mounting by the day!

It just wasn't as straight forward as I thought it would be to try and get the Sport exhaust. It's only just been released for retail sale, but BMW still havn't released the chrome finisher that goes on the end?

There's also no mention of having to add two extra exhaust hangers, change a rear axel washer and change your exhaust middle section to fit the Sport exhaust

My dealer has been great, they are as confused as me with the whole situation.

So, my new exhaust should be here Wednesday or Thursday and is being fitted at 3pm this Friday.

I can not wait to get rid of that awful downpipe once and for all!

I have really looked into this and have been reassured there will be no problems, but you make up your own mind if you decide to do the same as me.

I've been told I might have a little bit of soot on the rear bumper every now and then, but who cares!

If anyone else wishes to do the same as me the parts and prices are listed below.

I will also take some before and after pictures for all to see on Friday.

Exhaust clamp x1 - 18 30 7 525 639 11.49 + vat
Chrome exhaust trim x1 - 82 12 0 398 333 25.49 + vat
Rear silencer x1 - 18 307 793 622 229.00 + vat

The total price including vat is still less than the particule filter factory fit option! OK, you don't get the particule filter, but your exhaust looks a dam site better than it did before.
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