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Originally Posted by Nikki
i just have a feeling it's going to be a bunch of people dancing around to reggaeton, and if that's the case i'd rather be sleeping lol.

At RiverFront?? Nah, lame excuses. lol Ft. Lauderdale is just 20 min south of Boca and besides, it hasn't been infiltrated with too much reggaeton.

I'm 1/2 hispanic and not into the Calle Ocho type scene either, but it's more about the early morning drive when the roads and clear and the Sun is rising to get some awesome pictures while hanging out with a bunch of people.

Maybe next time we'll go a lil' further north and chip in for you to wash your car. haha

FINAL ROLL CALL: 2:00AM 8/27/06

1. M A Z N G (1st Stop - FIU) +1
2. DarXide (4th Stop - Brake-fast lol) +1
3. Motorsports_3 (4th stop- breakfast) +1
4. otherside (1st Stop - FIU) +1
5. Juha 323Ci (1st Stop - FIU) +2
6. Driv3 (4th stop - Breakfast) +1
7. M3LTDOWN (3rd Stop - Mercy Hospital)
8. 6MTGirl (3rd stop - Mercy, mmmaybe 2nd stop Starbucks)
9. Miami M3 (5th stop)
10. FTLAUDM3 (5th stop)
11. kpn111 CANCELED
12. E30 Gangsta ( Mercy hospital )
13. Bud001 (Mercy or Breakfast)
14. Joyriide1113 (1st stop) 1 maybe 2
15. Javmilenko69 (Breakfast)
16. tonycmyk (5th Stop - Roof top Riverfront)
17. ****** (1st stop) maybe +1
18. OJwerks (2nd stop) maybe +1
19. Activ3 (1st stop!)
20. GIO_21 (Breakfast)
21. KillaC3 (Mercy)
22. Bavarian330Ci (1st Stop - FIU)
23. MPossible (1st Stop) Only 5 hours until I need to wake up ; Hope it wont make a big diff. to the breakfast count.
24.D-Rock (2nd stop)