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Originally Posted by techMology
Exactly. I just got this phone, and (stupid me) didn't check this forum to see what others were experiencing. I'm having the same problem; incoming works okay, the phone pairs fine & stays connected, but I can't use my car's controls (steering wheel or dash) to place outgoing calls. Well, I *can*, but the audio stays on the w810i and it isn't routed through the car's speakers.

There is an option while you're on a call to transfer the audio to the "headset", but when I select that, it just locks up the phone.

If I dial using the w810i's keypad, sound is routed through the car's speakers, but to me, that's unacceptable. I love voicedial, and if I'm not going to be using it, I feel like I'm wasting 50% of the kit.

I e-mailed Sony Ericsson to ask them if they plan to address this problem in a future software update, and I also told them that I already contacted BMW and they told me SE was the issue, not BMW. Hopefully that will stop SE from trying to pass the buck.

I may downgrade to the k750i instead of keeping this phone, which totally sucks, because the k750i doesn't have 850MHz GSM, and I like the w800i.

So much for industry standards.
I posted above re: the W810i. I went and bought the phone anyway and it works correctly about 90-95% of the time. It syncs the phone book and handles calls received and placed through iDrive through the sound system.

However, it does on occassion do what you mention above. I've that this happens if I use the phone in Walkman mode.

When the error occurs, I simply reboot the phone and it pairs correctly. Once (yesterday in fact), rebooting the phone did not work and I had to wait until I got to where I was going to reboot the iDrive too. After that, all worked well too.

It is annoying, but I'm pleased with the phone overall and given that it mostly works, I'm keeping it for now. fwiw - I bought an unlocked phone from
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