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Originally Posted by CAMike View Post
I don't see the gas companies giving up the HUGE profits they continue to make through all of this. I'm not against them making money but when gas is at an all time high and their profits quarter after quarter are also at an all time high something is wrong. The consumer gets screwed as we have no other choice really. I know the environmentalists will flame me for this but if we have domestic oil available that would truly lower the price (ar at this point even just stablize the price) and reduce our need for foreign oil and the issues that go with it, we need to work to start using our resources. The economy is getting weaker and weaker and gas prices are starting to play a major role in the downward movement of the economy (airlines cutting routes, charging for baggage, food prices increasing, tourist destinations losing money as people are staying closer to home,money that used to be spent for movies-eating out-vacations-etc are now having to cover fuel bills...). Something has to be done...Sorry if that means the pink legged yellow billed striped winged fluffy bird has to build it's nest on an oil pipeline...just my opinion and I'm no expert on any of this...just my take.

Why not just buy dividend paying 'fuel company' stock? That way you benefit from their profits to offset the tax revenue you pay to the government on the gas you buy (post paying taxes on the money you earned to buy that gas with).

All I'm saying is that the profit margin (as percent of sales) for gas companies is lower than that for BMW. Why hate on the gas companies? It's the taxes our government (and wait until a good socialist gets in our friends across the ponds have) makes us pay that makes gas very expensive (combined with the on/off supply switch the major oil producers like to turn).

Finally, I feel the 135i owner really has no right to moan about cost of gas. If gas cost was a concern, I've got a great Civic that will get you 50 miles to gallon at 60% of the price of a 135i.

Not to start too much chaos, but seriously folks, gas price to the 1er is like the cost of the glass bottle for the 6 pack of beer.