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WELL BOO CHUFFING HOO, in the uk our fuel price is give or take 1.20 (petrol, its 1.35 for diesel) a litre, making it about $2.40 US, and one fuel station was charging 1.99.99litre (granted due to a tanker strike), thats near as make no odds $4 a litre, which is $14.8 per US Gallon (thinks that a US gallon is 3.7 litres, is that right??)

rant over, all i will say is i hate fuel companies, and thats why i bought a diesel that way i give as little of my money to them and the sodding UK government as possible! (the goverment take about 70% of that fuel price straight away as well, and they put a tax on a tax!!!! they tax the fuel at the refinary and then they add 17.5%VAT to that total amount! theifing scummy Ba***rds!

Ok now my rant is over (for now!):wink:
We are Americans, it is our right to bitch about anything and everything.

God I hope we dont do free health care for everyone, especially the lazy (I mean unfortunate).
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