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BMW's profit margin is around 7% while the average profit margin for the S&P Energy Sector is 9.7% (Last quarter Exxon had about 9.9%). We could go back and forth with this and never agree. I do agree that if we were all so concerned about MPG that we wouldn't have made the purchase we did. However, that doesn't mean that we can't complain about gas prices or that we should be doing more to offset our reliance upon others when we have a hefty supply of our own. My biggest concern is when companies are making record profits at the demise of the economy. I felt the same way several years ago when there were the "black outs" in California because of the "energy crisis". The energy companies were making HUGE profits during the time people's rate tripled. That is wrong. I'm not advocating for a Socialist approach but things need some sort of checks and balances and right now there are none in the energy sector. Again...just my opinion