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Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico are loaded with coal. Diesel fuel can be made from coal. Cars can be easily built that run on a mix of ethanol and diesel. High compression and a sensor for the fuel is all that is needed. Oh and a real good particulate filter in the exhaust. Are you ready for big oil vs big coal? Battle royal...JMHO

Forget coal. Diesel can be made from peanuts.

Did you guys ever read up on the ultra deep oil well technology used in Russia? Very interesting stuff...unlimited supply.

Lets face it. As long as their is demmand the price will be high. The big oil companies see huge profits and the Governments turn a blind eye because of the massive taxes they rake in.

You think the price is high now, wait until the mass 'middle class' movement takes hold in China.