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Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico are loaded with coal. Diesel fuel can be made from coal. Cars can be easily built that run on a mix of ethanol and diesel. High compression and a sensor for the fuel is all that is needed. Oh and a real good particulate filter in the exhaust. Are you ready for big oil vs big coal? Battle royal...JMHO
First off, I can tell you that Canada is not "loaded with coal," I cannot speak for Mexico and the US. Second, where do you think that you are going to get ethanol from? Please don't say corn...

The US is the only country in the world that burns its food supply, and surprise surprise the price of corn has gone through the roof... I am aware that it is just your humble opinion, but it couldn't display more of a lack of understanding of fuel prices...

Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
All crude oil is traded in Atlanta Georgia for American dollars.
You can't buy oil with anything else.
That is why they say the dollar is tied to oil.
Saddam was selling oil for Euros. See what happened.
Iran is selling oil for Euros now. Look out...
Coal based diesel is the answer for America. JMHO
This is just flat out wrong... I just bought 50,000boe (barrel of oil equivalent) of hardisty crude this morning priced in CDN dollars... I can also buy west texas light sweet crude in Oklahoma... Oil is a commodity, and the US does not control the market... and neither does Iran.

You can write my comments off if you like, but read a couple of my earlier posts on the subject. Your sentiment is 100% correct, that an alternative must be found... but it sure isn't coal based desiel alone, as the price of ethanol alone has also increased dramatically...

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