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Originally Posted by ase2dais
I dont know where most folks get this "take 5K hit from your paid price" and that would be your 06 e90 selling price. I cant find it a good reasoning, bcoz...If I take 5k off my paid-out-the-door price of $33k on my 2006 e90 325 basic car w/ just AT, it gives me a $28k suggested current e90 selling price. (Im not even putting in the picture, moneys put it on tires, wheels, spoilers, blklines, sway bars, pipes, etc)

How can that be? .... for the KBB Private Party value of a 2005 e46 325i w/ same option and comparable mileage is $28k. Why would I sell my 06 for the 05 e46 325i price?

I think, the 06 325i/330i will have a better resell price advantage becoz of its a newer body style, and will hold its fair value for the next 5-6 yrs.

People who likes to be in a e90 new body style (328i/335i) but doesnt want to pay that 328/335 price will consider 06 resale, but there will only be a few good choices to pick from, since its was only produced for a year.

I'd say maybe $2-3k hit for a good equipped and color combo car is my guess. Plus a great selling skills of crse
... thats my .02 cents
I agree with you -- those numbers are NOT correct.
A friend of mine had a 325i, only SP option, paid $32.5k for it, and just traded it in for the 350Z and got $29.5k for it, 9k miles, no mods, got the 350Z for 200 below the invoice!

Also, what is that crap about "because it is a pre-September build"??? What is so great about post-September cars???