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Originally Posted by duddym
Call me a sadist, but I get great enjoyment knowing that by means of this forum, certain dealerships are going to pay for their ongoing arrogant attitudes and for treating potential customers like crap.

I can't tell you how many times I've walked into an "upscale" car dealership and have been completely ignored and/or just not taken seriously by some arrogant saleperson......apparently because I just don't look like the kind of guy who is prepared to spend some serious coin on an automobile.

I hope these dealers read this forum and realize that by treating just one enthusiast poorly results in them losing dozens of potential sales......they probably have no idea that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Hehehehehe.........I love it!
Just a quick note about Park Place in Rochester... I live here (Roch) and I went in to look at a 325xi in 2003 in jeans, a tshirt, old tennis shoes, and an unshaven face. I was approached by a salesperson and I told him I may be interested in buying a car off the showroom floor. He tried directing me to the used car section! I walked out on him because of his arrogance and told him I would take my business elsewhere. He pretty much blew me off from the start. I went back in a few days later (dressed better because I was on lunch from work) and again this guy approached me. I told him that I would deal with someone who actually deserved my business by treating me with some respect... and I blew him off. I ended up buying my first 325 (the one off the floor) that day totally pissing off the first salesman! I doubt that he even learned anything from his lack of respect. I recently bought my second 325 from Sears without ANY problems. Matt Leibig was very helpful in having the car ready for delivery when I got to the cities. I bought it off the internet and via phone.
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