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I totally agree with everything NFS has just said ... well we have got the same car (Well nearly)

But my main input would be ...

Seats ... yeah no need for leather as the M Sport has exclusive trim which looks and feels superb ... the alcantara is a VERY nice touch .. so seams a shame to upgrade to leather when you have an exclusive trim level already.

As for Xenon's ... there is one thing to consider guys, as I did NOT spec them for one reason ... I would not use that often as I don't do the miles and certainly don't do many miles at night ... just something to consider ?

As for the car ... here's a suggestion ... see if you could get your hands on a 320 si ... you get all the kit from the M Sport, but get a stunning uprated 2.0 litre engine and exclusive racing 18" alloys. (no need to spend more money upgrading alloys) .. but if you get the M Sport then defo upgrade to the 18" rims.

The car is around the same price as a 320 M Sport but you get some very exclusive kit and the car looks

Don't bother with Diesel for 2 reasons:

1) You don't do enough miles and you say your fuel is expensed

2) The car costs more to buy in the 1st place

Get a 320 m sport or si and this will give you all your sport kit and spend the rest on extras as you see fit.