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Originally Posted by Nikki
XBOX360 kicks ass. I got it for my boyfriend for his birthday and we play it so much. Even just the stupid little free games and demos are fun to play and there are some games that you won't ever play the real game but you can play online with your friends for hours and use the headset to talk to them without using your minutes. It's probably the coolest thing I've got since my car last October.
I probably will get PS3 but only when the price goes down like the XBOX360 I waited for a while until it was down to $399. I can't wait for the new Gran Turismo.
i heard there's nothing new about the next Gran Turismo other than HD quality graphics. i bought GT4 and played it maybe just for two weeks and got bored of it. there's so many things to do in that game yet it gets boring too easily. i think they need to put a little story on that.
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