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Originally Posted by John
i disagree nikki.
the system was so hyped and it is good, but its not godly like people said it was.
it freezes from time to time, its choppy, and overall not a smooth system.

some games are cool like nba, but others are boring.
the new 007 game or whatever they call it (nightfire perfect dark or someshit) had poor graphics.

i am sega/sony man and will stay that way. but thats just my opinion. DOA was fun game tho.

just pray the new gran turismo will have the e90, that shit will keep me and my bro occupied for hours!
GT4 has the e90 330i. they didnt even bother putting the 325i. man... that car is just so slow in the game. gotta have good skills to win with that car. its not fun driving the e90 in the game. sad to say.
325i I SP